LCA Support

Bulldog Nation, do not suffer in silence! We are here to help!


Include: Name, phone number, and the specific issue you are having.

LCA Support hours are 9 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday.

Tips and Tricks

  • Brain breaks are also good for you! Have a snack or take a walk. Elementary can use their specials for a fun break.


  • Reorder your class tiles in Google Classroom in the order you want your kids to work or in the order of their day.


  • Create a workspace! Getting dressed, starting school at the same time, and sitting at a desk adjusts your mentality to school mode.


  • Spend time outside and play in the sunshine. Spend time being grounded in God’s word (LCA Chapels are good to watch as a family).


  • Show gratitude! Gratitude helps to refocus your mindset. Either make a list, share with someone, or write a thank you note to someone.